Meet Therese Miller

Owner, Project Manager

Therese Miller has moved 25 times! Her corporate career, and her father's before hers, kept her moving for 40 years, before settling in the Lewisburg area in the late 90s. Therese is excited to share what she has learned about the emotional and practical challenges and opportunities involved in this major life change. Sorting, sifting, letting go, looking forward, fresh starts, new horizons - she's been there!

Following a nearly 30-year career in human resources, Therese has been self-employed as a consultant and mediator since 2001.  Most recently, she was the proprietor of Dancing Bear Farm, a country inn and retreat center. In all these roles, she has depended on and refined her natural abilities to establish rapport and build relationships based on the unique personalities and needs of her clients. Therese prides herself on being a trusted confidant and facilitator of positive change.

Therese is an innovative problem solver who has the ability to understand the present situation and to see the possibilities. She has a knack for realistic planning, and the energy and patience to take on big challenges one step at a time.


Meet Chris Mallula

Project Manager

Chris has lived and worked in the Lewisburg area for almost 30 years. She joined Horizon Partners in 2023 after working in Accounting, staying home to raise kids and most recently, a 10 year career in Real Estate.

Chris has honed her ability to anticipate issues in the downsizing process. She helps her clients navigate through challenges with as little friction as possible. No transition project goes perfectly smoothly but by being 100% prepared and informed Chris will help you keep the molehills from turning into mountains.

As you can imagine, most Horizon clients have been in their homes for decades and their homes are filled with a lifetime collection of belongings. Many, simply don’t know where to begin. That’s where Horizon Partners comes in.
With specific expertise in helping families downsize, Chris can provide the resources to help you sort and disperse decades of belongings with care, acknowledging the emotional and physical drain the process can take.
Chris will ensure you have the tools you need as you move through the memories and milestones and will help you step forward onto the next phase of your life.